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The Sheep. Celebrating Pastoral Life: Architecture and Art" (Ethnographic Museum of Arachova, December 14, 2013 – February   28, 2014)


The Greek exhibition themed "The Sheep. Celebrating Pastoral Life: Architecture and Art" opened its doors on Saturday, December 14th 2013, at the Ethnographic Museum of Arachova, Boeotia, Greece, and will remain open until February 28th 2014. The exhibition will be presenting, through artworks, photos, audiovisual material and architectural constructions, aspects of the European pastoral heritage that derive from mythology, symbolisms and contemporary architecture.

It is actually the 5th of a total of 7 Thematic Exhibitions, which are presented simultaneously in other European cities and are organised as part of the CAΝEPAL European Program – “The European Heritage of Sheep Farming and Pastoral Life”, funded by the CULTURE program of the European Union. The other exhibitions of the CANEPAL Program are presented in the Regional Museum of History (Smolyan, Bulgaria), the Museum Kresów (Lubaczów, Poland), the Marquèze Écomusée-Landes (Sabres, France), the Estonian National Museum and the Chamber of Commerce (Mytilini, Greece).

The visitors of the exhibition are invited to discover the function of materials, the functionality of places and the integration into the landscape of traditional pastoral constructions, the reuse of new materials for contemporary constructions (fences, sheepfolds, sheep pens and biotechnical units), as well as the inventiveness of the shepherds, through "intelligent solutions" on infrastructure and insulation issues for permanent as well as temporary constructions.

In a separate section of the exhibition, dedicated exclusively to Art, several artworks which have drawn their inspiration from pastoral life and its symbolisms on the sheep and the shepherd through mythology, devotional life and folk oral tradition are displayed. These artworks, creations by famous Greek and other European artists, are organised into two big sections: Works that draw inspiration from symbolisms (the good shepherd, innocence, sacrifice, the black sheep) and works that draw inspiration (and also use) from sheep products like wool or fleece.

In addition, through the usage of QR codes, hidden messages and riddles that seek after a solution and also many other bigger or smaller surprises are waiting to be discovered by and interact with all visitors of the exhibition, through a specially designed for smartphones, interactive game.

The following Greek artists are participating with works:

Natalia Mela, Sotiris Sorogas, Afroditi Liti, Michael Katzourakis, Manolis Charos, Stathis Vatanidis, Yannis Kastritsis, Kalliroi Marouda, Andreas Kontellis, Eleni Tzatzalos, Dimitra Siaterli, George Tseriotis, Kostis Moudatsos, Konstantina Katrakazou, Pavlos Chambidis, Irene Kana, Elena Akyla, Elena Papademetriou, Ioanna Kafida, Vassilis Papanikolaou, Magda Tammam, Marina Siouti, Kleoni Manousaki, George Giotsas, Zachari Smerou, Antigoni Manolidou, Dimi Bitsakou, Helen Krikki, Maria Tagalou, Aegli Petta, Dionisis Protogeros, Efi Soutoglou

as well as:

Theodor Liho - Emil Bachiyski - Martin Yordanov - Iotoff (Bulgaria), Janusz Szpyt (Poland), Lászlό Kovács (Hungary), Koidu Laur (Estonia).

With photographs participate also:

George Triantafyllou, Natalia Tsoukala, Nikolas Mastropavlos, Sofia Antonakaki, Velissarios Voutsas, Claire Moustafellou.

Coordination and architectural design: Fouli Papageorgiou, Architect.

Exhibition Curator: Louisa Karapidaki, Art Historian.

The Exhibition is organized by PRISMA - Centre for Development Studies, in collaboration with the Centre for Folklore Research of the Academy of Athens and the Municipality of Distomo-Arachova-Antikyra.

Exhibition’s poster

Exhibition’s catalogue

Photos of the Exhibition

The leaflet of the Canepal programme


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